Red Nose Reindeer Food
Red Nose Reindeer Food, with reindeer

Red Nose Reindeer Food

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This gorgeous little bag of reindeer food is the perfect addition to your Christmas eve traditions. Simply sprinkle the food outside on Christmas eve, being careful to make a wish whilst doing so - because that's how you add the magic! Keep the bag for years to come and simply re-fill each time. Imagine handing it down through the generations too, what a wonderful way to create family memories.

I wrote to Santa before putting these little bags together, and I couldn't believe it when he wrote back to me... here's an extract from his letter to me...

"... what a marvellous idea of yours to ask what my reindeer like to eat. Over the years, I’ve seen all sorts left out for them come Christmas Eve, but I’m afraid to say that they are quite particular about what they’ll eat - they are somewhat sensitive to certain foods. I’ve enclosed a sample of their food for you; as you can see it looks incredibly similar to something you might put out for the birds - and that’s because it is incredibly similar. After all, both birds and my reindeer fly, so it stands to reason that they might eat similar things. You’ll notice however that it contains absolutely no glitter whatsoever. Like I said, my reindeer are sensitive souls and eating glitter leaves their tummies feeling quite upset - and I have to say they are also a little foolish. They are attracted to the sparkle of glitter and tend to gorge on it, but it can have dire consequences. So it’s very important to remember not to add any glitter to their food. And I wouldn’t want any other wildlife to come to any harm eating it. Many a time I’ve seen a robin or two waiting patiently to eat whatever the reindeer may leave behind. Of course I can understand why glitter is sometimes added, for it looks like magic - but it’s not real magic. Real magic is invisible, it’s something you feel in your heart, not something you see with your eyes. And I’ll let you into a little secret, anyone who truly believes, will be able to add a bit of magic by simply making a wish when they sprinkle the food out for my reindeer.
I hereby give you my North Pole seal of approval and wish you all the best with your endeavour.

Best wishes,
Santa Claus

P.S. I showed my reindeer your design, and Rudolph is especially thrilled with it."

* Made from 100% cotton, these gorgeous little drawstring bags measure 10cm x 13 cm, the perfect size for a pouch of reindeer food.
* Each bag will contain some reindeer food (bird seed)
Please note the food may vary and may contain nuts.

Care instructions:
These items are sponge clean only.

Did you know?
Every item is designed, created and individually finished by me.
* If you would like something customised just for you, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.