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Tooth Fairy Bag

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It all starts with a little wobble of a tooth. As each day passes, you are asked to inspect just how wobbly this little tooth is becoming. Days, even weeks, go by and yet it's still there. But you know the day is coming. Stories of classmates losing a tooth are often told to you, and lengthy discussions are had about what happens when the Tooth Fairy comes. Then one day you go to pick up your little one up from school and you see them come rushing out, practically bursting at the seams with excitement. You hold your breath as you wait to hear the news they simply can't wait to tell you. In an instant you spot the tiny little gap, as the words come tumbling out of their mouth, telling you everything you need to know. For a moment you're caught off guard and you feel a lump in your throat. The sudden realisation that losing a baby tooth to make way for an adult tooth is another reminder that they won't be little forever. And yet is only seems like yesterday that you spent hours trying to console your teething baby, and you were wishing away the time until they'd cut all their teeth. Oh the bittersweet joy of watching your child grow. But the fleeting wave of sadness gives way as you see the elation in their little face. This is a moment to cherish. It's time to make childhood memories and prepare for their first Tooth Fairy visit.

This little bag is perfect to keep your child's tooth safe under their pillow, and allows the Tooth Fairy to leave either a coin or small treat. The bag is also big enough for a little note to or from the Tooth Fairy.

To order:
* Enter your child's name.
* Select the colour you'd like (the photos show metallic blue and metallic rose-gold).

* Made from 100% cotton, these gorgeous little drawstring bags measure 10cm x 13 cm the perfect size for a coin or a petite treat.

Care instructions:
Please note these items are sponge clean only.

Did you know?
Every item is designed, created and individually finished by me.
* If you would like something customised just for you, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.