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Teach Encourage Inspire Slogan Apple Teacher Tote Bag
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Teach Encourage Inspire Slogan Apple Teacher Tote Bag

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Here's a shout out to teachers everywhere, thank you for the amazing job that you do. For all the unseen tasks you do, that often go unnoticed or without thanks. For all the marking and lesson planning that eats into your free time far more than it should. For keeping our children safe and cared for throughout the day and for doing it for whole classes at a time, as opposed to just our own children. For noticing that potential bullying situation and acting so quickly that it never materialised. For sharing your passion for the subject you specialise in, lighting up the classroom with your enthusiasm, and going way beyond the curriculum. For recognising the talents in each and every child and nurturing it. We are forever grateful that you teach, encourage, and above all inspire our children.

This tote bag is not only stylish but superbly practical, strong enough to carry the heaviest of items but lightweight enough to fold up and put in your pocket or handbag.

To order:
* Select the colour of apple you would like.
* Optional, enter your teachers name.

* Made from 100% cotton, these spacious tote bags measure 38cm wide x 43cm high, with long handles for carrying over the shoulder.

Care instructions:
These items are sponge clean only.

Did you know?
Every item is designed, created and individually finished by me.
* If you would like something customised just for you, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.