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Hello and welcome! I’m Naomi, founder, designer and creator of all things at Little Foxglove.

Little Foxglove was born in 2017, mid maternity leave with my youngest, in a haze of sleepless nights and dreams of creating a lifestyle that really works around family life. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to do, except that I wanted to fulfil my constant passion for creating things. It was actually a birthday gift from my parents that was the catalyst in starting my business; they bought me my beloved cutting machine that I use for all my designs. My machine can do a whole host of things, but it was the process of working with heat transferred vinyl that I fell in love with.

Before long I was making all sorts of things, mostly for my children, my friend’s children, and my Mummy friends. That’s when I realised that they were who I wanted to serve and create amazing products for, to celebrate the joys of motherhood and to capture cherished moments of childhood.

Without my children, I wouldn’t have had such a strong desire to create my own flexible working job, and as they are so often the inspiration behind my products that it was an obvious choice to reflect them in my business name. My son Ethan, also known as my Little man and my daughter Ffion, whose name means Foxglove in Welsh, combined together to make Little Foxglove.

I adore creating fun, vibrant, bespoke products and I thrive on attention to detail. Everything is made with great love and care in my studio at home, in the heart of Oxfordshire. From the initial design process to the precise machine cutting, followed by the heat pressing by hand and finally the packaging, where everything is lovingly wrapped. I simply love my job.

Thank you to each and everyone of my past, present and future customers for investing in me and my products and making my dreams come true.

Happy shopping!

Naomi x